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The cannabis world has experienced a tremendous revolution in the last years and is constantly evolving. In many countries, weed has seen a transition from an illegal substance with a bad reputation to a legit means of reaching peacefulness, relief, or even a cure for a huge variety of conditions.

The new openness in this new era allowed many types of research to take place and scientifically prove the potency of the plant and its healing virtues. With those breaking-through realizations and shifts in public opinion, the worldwide cannabis community has grown drastically, as well as its global industry. Cannabis became the United States’ largest cash crop and a pervasive and ineradicable part of its national economy. That means the market has been bombarded with countless new participants, and although the competition and the legalization brought to life many high-quality products, many new players tried to abuse the new gold-digging market and developed poor, fake, or even dangerous product around it. Also, a lot of new cannabis users and fans had suddenly an abundance of options available, which lead many to confusion and often ended up in poor decision making. Besides, the ones that were seeking better understanding in the field, have often found difficulty finding the right guides for it.

Weedtested is here to help cannabis users, enthusiasts, and fans around the world to learn about that unique plant: the benefits it can give to their lives, the best products that can bring those benefits, as well as the newest trends tips and news around it.

We know that for most of us it is more beneficial to gather knowledge in small bits. This is why we try to tackle common cannabis-related themes, questions, and misconceptions with friendly and condensed articles, which are not only relating to the specific needs of our readers but are giving the best practical solutions, which are the most relevant to the topic.

If you have any questions or comments about our website, please get in touch. Start your journey today by reading our Product Testing or our Useful Knowledge.

Ofer Rudolphson

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