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How to Get the Best Soil for Your Weed

How to Get the Best Soil for Your Weed

One of the most asked questions for anyone starting out in cannabis cultivation, is; what is the best soil for marijuana? You need to understand that there is no direct answer to this question. When it comes to cannabis soil, many factors have to be considered, including strain selection, cultivation technique, budget, location, etc.

If you wish to grow your weed indoors, one of the forging ways would be to use soil compared to hydroponic substrates that are sometimes costly to set up. With soils, you are assured of deep flavor for your buds. So, this is a great medium for anyone in search of tasty and aromatic cannabis.

If you’ve finally decided that you are going to settle for soil as your growing medium, you must be asking yourself – how to get the best soil for your weed?

When it comes to growing cannabis in soil, you may get caught thinking what amendments and nutrients are in the soil, and these are important. However, there are three crucial factors that you should take into account; Soil texture, drainage, and water retention. Many cannabis plants prefer loose and light soil texture. This type of soil ensures more oxygen reaches the root surface, and at the same time promotes root development.

Marijuana soils should have excellent drainage. This means that it shouldn’t leave a pool on top of the soil when you water your plants. If the soils have poor drainage, your plants will either die or turn out subpar.

Important Amendments to Alter Water Retention, Drainage, And Texture of Soil

When using natural soil to grow marijuana plants, there are high chances that it won’t be suitable for growing weed – not from the start. It will probably have poor drainage, or the texture may not be best suited for cannabis growing. Regardless of the soil you wish to use, you can achieve the texture, drainage, and water retention you desire by adding amendments that can be found at any grow shop.

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As one of the most commonly used soil amendments, Perlite features light, airy white rocks that improve the airiness of the soil and drainage. When amending your soil with perlite, make sure that you use 10-15%. This amount of perlite is great if you don’t plan on using extra nutrients but still want better water retention.

You can add more, but there are high chances that the soil will become too light and the nutrient may leach out. Only add higher levels of perlite if you plan on using a lot of added supplements and nutrients without burning your plants.


Just like perlite, Vermiculite improves water retention and “lightens up” heavy soil. While some growers use vermiculite and perlite interchangeably, they are not the same. Vermiculite has a better water holding capacity than perlite. When it comes to adding aeration and drainage vermiculite does a better job than perlite.

Some growers prefer using a little of both. If you choose to use high levels of vermiculite, you shouldn’t go as high with perlite. It’s always advisable to have both amendments making up 50% of your soil.

Coco Coir 

Coco coir are light fibers made from coconut husks and are responsible for lightening compact soils while providing excellent water retention. You can purchase it as coco bricks that should be hydrated before use. Some come as amended potting mix or loose coco coir. There are also different “soil mix” that feature all coco plus amendments, and these are a great choice for cannabis.

Aside from their excellent water retention, the coco coil doesn’t make soil heavy. This means that plants are less likely to suffer from overwatering, and their roots tend to develop faster. When using the coco coir as an amendment, be sure to use at least 10 to 30%, depending on the composition of your base soil.

Worm Casting

Worm casting is an amendment you shouldn’t miss on your soil because weeds love it. It helps to improve moisture retention, drainage, and texture. You need to add at least 30% of worm casting in your soil. While the worm casting contains nutrients, it’s highly unlikely that it will burn your plants even if you choose to add too much.

Now that you have a solid idea about different types of amendments the next step is finding the right type of soil for your cannabis. It’s important to note that good soil should have at least two or three of the amendments mentioned above.

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Buying the Right Soil for Cannabis

When in search of the right marijuana soil you’ll be overwhelmed by the different options available. Many of your cannabis soils will be loamy, so you need to look at microorganisms, nutrients, and other amendments that improve your soil.

As a first-time gardener, you should buy quality potting soil that will provide your plants with nutrients that will get them through their growth cycle without necessarily adding liquid nutrients or amendments.

Here are a few worth your Investment.

Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil

The Fox Farm ocean forest soil mix has been around for more than three decades and has different soil mixes, including “happy frog” which is perfect for clones and seedlings. The soil features ingredients that cannabis love, including crab meal, fish meal, and bat guano.

If you are growing your cannabis using the soil from seed to harvest, Fox Farm Soil offers a complete nutrient system. The nutrient formula is designed for marijuana plants and you can be assured that your plants will get the required nutrients throughout their life cycle.

Organic Potting Mix

Organic potting mix is the type of soil you should get if you don’t have any good soil available, and looking for something that works for growing cannabis. This potting mix has not been amended with chemical slow-release nutrients, and this is one of the things that will guarantee a better yield for your cannabis.

With its combination of high-quality nutrient formula, you can be assured that they’ll be available weeks after planting. It is still advisable that you supplement it with weed-friendly nutrients, especially at the flowering stage, when your plants need extra potassium and phosphorus.

Aside from investing in quality soils for growing weed (which can sometimes be costly), you may want to consider creating your own soil (super soil). One of the things that distinguish “super soil” from packed soils is that you’ll be creating a soil type that has the right amendment and nutrient level to help you achieve optimum growth.

Creating Your Own Marijuana Super Soil Mix

You probably know that organic soil is excellent for growing cannabis, but are you aware of the benefits of super soil? Aside from being organic, super soil infuses different nutrients that the ordinary soil may not offer.

 What's A Super Soil?

In the wild, marijuana grows naturally like weeds. When it comes to a controlled environment, marijuana growth is usually diminished based on inorganic material it contains and the quality of soil used. The great thing about a super soil is that you can easily mimic the wild environment, making your marijuana more fertile.

You should think of a super soil (also referred to as living soil) as the closest growing medium to mother nature. This is largely attributed to how the soil recreates the natural growth of marijuana. This means that aside from providing growers with less work, they are bound to get high yields.

Why Should You Consider Using Super Soil for Growing Marijuana?

If you are planning to use super soil for your weed cultivation, there are a few reasons why you should use it when cultivating cannabis.


Super soil contains organic ingredients that closely resemble nature’s soils. The balanced mixture of potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen works perfectly to help weeds thrive. Whether you are growing indoors or outdoors, the super soil should be an essential item on your toolbox. This is because they are versatile in any environment.

The Ease of Use

Compared to other types of growing mediums, composting provides the foundation for a more streamlined process. Given that you’ll be using a more nutrient-rich soil, you’ll never have to worry about nutrients and maintaining pH. All you’ve got to do is to have the right water source, and you’ll be guaranteed of quality harvest.

Weed Aesthetics

If smoothness, fragrance, and a pleasing taste are the qualities you are looking in your weed plants, then super soil won’t disappoint. Compared to other growing mediums or types of soils, living soil enhances scent and flavor while at the same time producing smooth, silky buds.

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Preparing Your Weed Super Soil Mix

While preparing a super soil mix may seem like a daunting task, it really isn’t that difficult. The concept is easy. Start with quality organic soil then enrich it with natural ingredients over time. Here is a step by step approach to preparing a super soil mix.

Pick Your Base Soil

When it comes to selecting in the right base soil for your marijuana plants, it’s important to understand that cannabis love slightly acidic (pH 6 to 6.8), permeable and well-aerated soils. If possible, you should consider organic soils that contain natural ingredients such as sand, coco coir, compost, and worm casting.

While these super soil mix may be expensive, they make a huge difference to the quality and size of your harvest as well as the health of your plants. If you find it challenging to use quality organic soil with ingredients such as guano, peat moss, rock dust, pine casting, vermiculite, and soon, don’t fret. 

The other alternative is buying a neutral potting soil. If this is an option, you have to consider settling for something slightly acidic.

Enrich Your Soil

Begin by placing your soil on a large container and ensure that you break it up with a garden fork so that it’s well aerated. When it’s loose, start enriching your soil with natural ingredients to create a growing medium for your marijuana plants. A few things you should add to your soil include compost, vegetable and fruit peels, eggshell, dolomite, lime, rock phosphate, blood meal, and bone meal.

Remember that the amount of each of the listed ingredients you’ll use on your super soil will depend on your quality of starter soil. If possible, make sure that you prepare the soil at least six months before planting. This way, you’ll have time for the ingredients highlighted above to breakdown properly. Once they do, you’ll have created rich topsoil for your plants.

If you want to plant right away, you need to be cautious about the ingredients you plan to use to avoid creating a nutrient-rich (hot) soil that can burn your plants. To get started use the following ingredients;

  • 50%     Part Starter soil
  • 15%    Vermiculite/perlite
  • 15%     Part Coco coir
  • 15%     Part Worm castings
  • 5%       Guano

If you plan to include macronutrients (lime, azomite, and Epson salts) at some point, read the instructions on the label. Using macronutrients as desired will help your buds have great taste and they’ll burn well too. If you fail to use nutrients as recommended you may end up causing a nutrient burn.

Learn the Need to Find the Best Weed Soil!

One of the greatest hurdles cannabis beginners face is finding marijuana soil that best suits their growing need. If you’ve already made up your mind about venturing into cannabis growing, finding the best soil is an inspect you should never overlook. With the help of this definitive guide, you should have a better understanding of the important aspects to keep in mind on your search for the best soil.

How to Get the Best Soil for Your Weed

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