How To Secretly Grow Weed At Home

We do not encourage anyone to deliberately break the law. This article is for people who wish to grow weed for personal use, where it is legal to do so.

Many of us pot lovers may come to a phase where we’d like to grow the friendly bush in our private sphere. Growing your own plant is an enjoyable process of nurturing and supporting natural phenomena of creation. 

Anyone who experienced that can share the joy of witnessing this magical process, from the moments it sprouts, till the moment it blooms. And after all that love and care, harvesting your own buds is with no doubt a very exciting thing too.

cannabis sprouts in a pot top angle

But, also regardless of the thrill involved, many would see a huge benefit in knowing where their fluffy ones came from. It brings an extra assurance of their quality and promises that one’s own stack is pure with no additive or unwanted chemicals in it.

Well, mainly two things: First, a common misconception is that it’s not easy . Second, not everyone around might like it.  

Therefore, some creative minds developed lovely growing devices that are exactly the solution for those problems; allowing you to grow at home like a pro while keeping a low profile and avoiding the stigma. Moreover, those home-grow solutions are actually so cool that you might simply fall in love with them.

Well begun is half done.

One note before we start, let’s not forget that it all starts from the seed. although using high-quality marijuana seeds is rather elementary, it should nevertheless be emphasized, especially for those newbies among us that want to end up with the real deal in their hands. Remember to never underestimate the quality of the seed.

Got it? Ok, let’s move on.

The Green Goddess Armoire

How To Secretly Grow Weed At Home

Sized just right at 25″ x 25″ x 54″, this bio-chamber is perfect for smaller areas such as apartments and small homes. It comes in two elegant finishes and looks, as its name reveals, like an innocent closet. It’s priced at $1395 so it can accommodate most people’s budget and be set up almost anywhere, neat and discreet. It comes as a complete kit including everything you’ll need for successful growing (except for the soil, seeds, and water): internal fans, safety grilles, exhaust fan assembly housing, carbon scrubber assembly hardware, a 4-way LED winch attachment and drying hardware – all pre-installed.

The Green Goddess Armoire grow box - a complete biochamber kit title logo

The Green Goddess Company also sends you complete instructions and helpful tips that can guide you to go from nothing to your first bud in 60 days even if you have a black thumb!

Besides, the Company makes it super easy to get started with access to all of the instructions you’ll ever need and even a Facebook page devoted exclusively to growers.

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Grobo Solid

How To Secretly Grow Weed At Home

A bit pricier, with a $1999 price tag this elegant growing chamber is a similar option for those who seek those few extras. The Grobo solid growing chamber comes with all the needed equipment for a professional grow and can even be set up using your WiFi connection. 

This means that you can track the growth progress through an app on your cell phone or computer (which is really, really cool). It has sensors that constantly monitor things such as water, temperature, humidity, and pH levels so you always know the status of the weed you’re growing. 

The Grobo includes a free growing kit that contains ingredients for feeding your plants and adjusting their pH level. 

You also get a pod to grow your seeds in and a specialized carbon filter to reduce the smell often experienced when growing weed, making it the perfect way to get started fresh. Basically, it’s pretty much as easy as it gets when it comes to growing your weed indoors.

3 different grobo premium grow boxes in designed rooms

In case you desire some extra sleekness Grobo also makes a premium chamber that sells for a little under $2300.

The Grobo Premium identical to the Grobo solid with the addition of a fluid glass door, which can be switched from opaque to transparent with a press of a button.

Did we say sleek already?

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TopoGrow LED Grow Kit

How To Secretly Grow Weed At HomeHow To Secretly Grow Weed At HomeThis one actually belongs to a different category as it is not a growing chamber but rather a growing tent. The main advantage of it, compared with the previous options is its price, as it can suit growers on a budget and those who care less about the stealthy aesthetic.

The TopoGrow is a complete kit that is 24″ x 24″ x 48″ in size, so it isn’t made for tiny spaces but works extremely well. It comes complete with two cooling fans, filter, and ducting system, which is everything that you need to set up and start growing your weed immediately. Although the tent keeps a low key by eliminating odor and blocking light it might still attract more attention for its appearance, which should be considered by those who wish to take that route. It also demands a bit more effort set up, nothing that should stop you though, if you got the ambition.

TopoGrow LED Grow Kit

Consuming your home-grown weed (by smoking or otherwise) transcends the experience into something else. It’s a bit like the fresh salad you’ve prepared with your garden tomatoes…just much better! 

Depending on your budget and your needs, you can easily find your suitable growing chambers that help you produce professional results with optimized growing experience and while keeping it under any radar whatsoever.

Do you have to spend a lot of money to get a good growing chamber for your weed? Yes and no. The more expensive chambers tend to have everything that you need to get started in a convenient and user friendly package while keeping a stealthy, stylish look. In the long run they might not just be more fun to own but prove themselves as a good investment considering the market prices of a top shelf bud.

Growing weed discreetly at home was never so easy and so good. A perfect combination of hydroponic growing science, high-tech and excellent design allows every cannabis fan to enjoy an exciting growing experience with ease and fun. So…is it the time for new furniture?


How To Secretly Grow Weed At Home

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