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Edible Highs You’ll Want to Try

Today, edible highs come in different forms and are quickly taking Starbucks quality with brewability and flavors. Cannabis-infused drinks and baked products deliver cannabinoids to the body through the mouth and digestive system and are fast becoming the best alternative to vaping or smoking cannabis. Consuming edibles with THC causes the same euphoria or high as smoking cannabis.  

In comparison with other methods of consumption, edibles remain the most potent way of delivering such cannabinoids. Recent studies have shown that you can feel the cannabis edible effects an hour after consuming, but once the effects kicks in it can last for up to six hours. This is in contrast to vaping or smoking that tends to last a maximum of four hours.

The other aspect that makes them a great catch is that they are not associated with the risks of smoking, such as phlegm production or chronic cough. Its however important to remember that people respond differently to different doses. So, if you’re trying out an edible for the first time its best that you start with low doses and see how your body responds.

Read on to have a better understanding of different types of cannabis edibles, how long they last in your system, and important considerations when consuming edibles.

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If you opt to smoke or vape cannabis, you’ll feel the effects immediately, but this is different when it comes to edible cannabis. Your body requires time before it can digest, metabolize and absorb the cannabinoid. Depending on factors such as body weight or your metabolism, it can sometimes take more than an hour before you feel the effects.

When you smoke marijuana, the psychoactive THC activated by heat and other non-psychoactive compounds are sent directly to your brain and bloodstream. This is different when it comes to consuming edibles. Once you eat edible highs, it travels down your oesophagus to the stomach where digestive enzymes and acids break it into component parts, including THC.

The THC is then absorbed through the lining of your stomach and transferred to the liver. Once in the liver, it’s transformed into 11-Hydroxy-THC, a more potent version of THC which can cross the blood-brain barrier easily than when you inhale THC.

How Long Does It Take to Feel the Effects?

Edibles high take an average of one hour for the user to feel the effects. The onset time, however, depends on different factors, including the active ingredients in the compound, tolerance to cannabis, weight, sex, metabolism and diet. You’ll feel the high faster when taking weed candy products such as lollipops or gummies than the baked options such as chocolate because they are absorbed sublingually.

The absorption of these edibles occurs in the mucus membrane of the mouth, a process referred to as sublingual absorption. The baked options like brownies and cookies have a longer onset time given that the absorption has to first occur in the digestive track before travelling to the liver and then released to the bloodstream.

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How Long do Edible High Last? 

Edible highs can last as long as eight hours, but those containing THC and no CBD can have their peak blood levels occur about three hours from administration. This is the time when the effects are most likely to be intense.

Just like the onset time, the length a high lasts depends on different factors, including potency and the dose you take. The high from products that are absorbed sublingually would be faster than those that are absorbed orally (baked products like chocolate and cake). Other contributing factors include the tolerance level, weight, and metabolism.

Portion Control: How Much Should You Eat?

Patience is a virtue you should exercise when consuming edible highs. Whether you are only new to edible highs or already used to other forms of cannabis, you have to start with the lowest amount. Make sure that you cut the piece in different portions and save different pieces for later. A bar of chocolate is about 50 mg. For many people, 2 mg of THC is considered micro or low-dose, while 5 mg of THC is a standard dose.

If you have just began using cannabis and looking for a product that will give you a balanced high, you should try an edible that is low in THC but high in CBD.

What Happens If You Take Too Much Edibles?

Sometimes it happens that you may end consuming a lot more edibles than you expect. If this happens you should drink a lot of water, relax and stay away from driving. With time, the effects will fade; it just takes time. The importance of drinking water is that it dulls your high and helps to combat dry mouth, one of the negative side effect of THC.

A mixture of mint leaves, shredded ginger, lemon zest and ground black pepper can also help in reducing the psychoactive effects. The other alternative is to try pure CBD. Make sure that your CBD source doesn’t have any THC, and take it a little at a time.

CBD can help temper the effects of THC and counteracts the “racy” feeling. Also, get yourself in a comfortable position or tuck yourself into bed. By the time you wake up, you’ll feel refreshed although you might feel a little “off” or groggy in the morning. This, however, dissipates within a short time, it’s nothing like alcohol hangover at all. 

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Consuming Edibles: Important Considerations to Remember

Cannabis edibles have been with us for a long time, and we are still learning a lot about them, especially how to get the right dosage. There is no doubt that off-the-shelf cannabis contains a high concentration of THC. So, if you take it hastily or without sufficient information, it’s bound to harm you.

That being said, here are a few important considerations when consuming marijuana edibles.

Stay Calm and Relaxed

The reason why most regular users hardly face the negative side-effects of cannabis is due to the tolerance that they develop over time. Also, the adverse effects such as anxiety or paranoia, tends to disappear because they’re undesirable to consumers.

When you take an edible high for the first time with the worry that what you hardly know will become powerful, it will result in paranoia and anxiety. On the other hand, if you are relaxed, have a positive attitude and surrounded by trustworthy friends, cannabis gives you a positive feeling.

Read the packaging label Carefully 

You probably are used to reading labels of food products or any other product you’ve just bought. The same rule applies to consuming edible highs. The edible high you wish to purchase should have important information on the purity and safety of the product. To have a consistent experience, make sure that you settle on products that have displayed labels and professional packaging.

Some of the essential labeling include dose per amount, lab testing purity, and THC & CBD potency. Remember that not all edibles are created equal, and doses can vary significantly between products. If you’re uncertain, don’t hesitate to ask recommendations of the dose size for an even better experience.

Never Experiment on an Empty Stomach

When taking edible highs on an empty stomach, your body tends to process the edible much faster, which means that the effects kick in quicker than if you had taken a wholesome meal. If you are thinking of taking any edible on an empty stomach, take the minimum dosage possible.

It is also worth pointing out that having alcohol in your system also influences your experience with edibles.

Alcohol tends to increase the concentration of THC in your blood. It’s always advised that you shouldn’t take both at the same time. However, if you must then dose your cannabis modestly.

Don't Be Impatient

If you are a regular marijuana smoker, you probably are used to feeling high in less than an hour or two after consumption, but this is entirely different when it comes to marijuana edibles. It takes a little longer before the effects kicks in. For many stoners, having to wait before having more can be a punishment, but remember getting impatient can make you regret your actions.

If you don’t feel a pronounced effect after two to three hours of your first dose, feel free to add another piece of edible.

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Common Types of Edibles You Should Try 

The market is flooded with different types of edible highs. Some of the most common include baked goods (brownies, cookies, biscuits and waffles), candy and sweets (marshmallows, truffles, chocolate, lollipops and hard candy). With the continuous marijuana legalization across the United States, the range of edible options are steadily growing.

Here are a few options you should try out.

Edible Brownie 

Edible brownie remains a popular way for satisfying the munches as well as getting THC into your system. Pot brownies date back to as far as 1954 when the first haschich fudge recipe was first developed. Todays, edible brownies come in tasty treats for you to enjoy, including Kush cake, 24 Karat, space bunnies and so on.

Cannabis Gummies and Candy

Cannabis gummies are among the best ways to open your mind without the side effects brought about by smoking. There are a variety of edible gummies available such as fruit snacks, sour strips, and a gummy worm. When it comes to gummies, any shape you can think of can be infused with weed. On the other hand, cannabis weed candies come in two types; Hard Candy (Red hots, Lemon Drops, Suckers, Mints and Tarts), and Soft Candy (Cheeba chews, Sensi chews, and fruit chews).

Cannabis Drinks & Beverages

Cannabis-infused beveragesEdible Highs You'll Want to Try are common around the United States and come in different types including cannabis CBD teas, terpene-infused wines, cannabis soda and marijuana coffee. There are endless options when it comes to cannabis-infused drinks. If there is a drink you like, there are high chances that someone has already figured how to make the drink infused with cannabis.


Cannabis tinctures are concentrated oil which has undergone the process of soaking cannabis plants, buds and hemp in alcohol for weeks to extract cannabinoids and active constituents. This, in turn, makes an extremely potent extract. Usually, tinctures come in 1-ounce droppers with varied potency per bottle.

Tinctures usually have a potency of about 100mg, but you can still find extra strength tinctures that have a potency of over 1000mg.

Cannabis-Infused Chocolate

A combination of marijuana and chocolate can together bring a symphony of bliss. Chocolate is not just tasty in its different forms; it also helps to cover any lingering strong weed flavor. Cocoa is also proven to be effective at increasing your high. Chocolate cookies and bars remain the two most popular options for many cannabis enthusiasts.

Learn Why Edible Highs Are Worth a Try 

Unlike different methods of consuming cannabis, edibles can take several hours before you begin to feel the effects. Still, each person will have a different tolerance level. This means that an effective dose on one person may be too much for another. Unlike smoking, it isn’t easy to quantify the amount because there isn’t a specific way to tell the effectiveness of the dose until the body breaks down the edible.

This is the reason why its recommend that you start with small doses and work your way up to a dose that will give you the desired effects. Overdosing on edible highs hardly has any serious health concerns, but it comes with disconcerting symptoms.

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