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What is a One-Hitter? | The Underrated Accessory

Today, there are plenty of ways to enjoy cannabis. Gone are the days when pot brownies or joints were the only options available for cannabis fans. If you want to consume cannabis there are robust arrays of gear available such as vapes, bongs, bubblers, etc. The wide range of consumption methods has made it possible for marijuana enthusiasts to enjoy cannabis based on their individual needs. This is where the one-hitter comes in!

The one-hitter is an upfront and straightforward way to let others know that you aren’t up for passing your stash around. They are also a quick, easy, discreet, versatile method of consuming cannabis.

Why Should You Use a One-Hitter?

A one-hitter comes highly recommended if your goal is to travel freely without carrying a pipe or large vaporizers. It may also come handy when your supplies are running low. Instead of cramming a bunch of flowers in your bong or pipe and hoping for the best outcome, a one-hitter is the most practical way to make the most of your left-over stash.

It may also be a great addition if a bong or joint rip may be too much, and all you fancy is a single hit. So, if you’re considering a one-hitter as your most preferred method of consumption, you should know some of its benefits.


Given its slim profile, the one-hitter is ideal for a discreet toke. The common designs available in the market mimics a cigarette’s appearance, and any passer-by will most likely assume that you are smoking a cigarette. This is a benefit for those who live in areas where recreational marijuana is not legalized.

It also gives off less odor than a joint, and this is majorly attributed to its low rate of smoke production. That aside, it’s tiny and can fit your pocket with ease.

An Ideal Option for Micro-dosing

If you are interested in microdosing, the one-hitter is a perfect way to try things out. When using a one-hitter to consume cannabis, you will only smoke what fits you. This certainly beats the need to struggle finding how much you can get from a couple of joint hits. It is still a great alternative to an edible.

A Less Odorous Option

Compared to different methods of smoking weed, the one-hitter is a less odorous option. This is because most of the smoke goes right to the lungs than around you. So, you’ll never have to worry about drawing attention to yourself with regards to smell. This, however, doesn’t mean that there isn’t a tell-tale aroma when you exhale.

If you are concerned about the cannabis aroma, the best way to conceal it is by using a sploof (personal smoke filter). When you exhale the smoke from a one-hitter into a sploof, it filters the skunky aroma. If you want to get fancy, consider packing your sploof with activated charcoal as they do a great job at filtering out all the weed smell.

Marijuana Joint and one-hitter Pipe on Warm Lighted Table

Conserves Your Supply

If you regularly light up you’re bowl for a big smoke, you’ll realize that almost half your stash sometimes gets charred at the bottom of your container. It’s a lot easier to waste good weed than you think, but the one-hitter helps to reduce any possibility. Since the one-hitter is already designed for single pulls, it uses less weed.

The smaller bowls help you to conserve the amount of weed you are already consuming. This is because you are not at risk of burning up the weed you aren’t hitting. If you’re looking to make your supply last longer or on a tight budget, a one-hitter should be top of your priority.

Easy to Use On the Go

The one-hitter is small, making it convenient to carry and transport with you no matter where you are going. You can tuck it in your jeans pocket or purse and take your hit anywhere you want. It’s that easy!

Accidents happen, and when your one-hitter is damaged for whatever reason, you can save the cost associated with purchasing a new one by making one yourself.

Traditional Styles of One Hitter Pipes

The one hitter has seen significant transformations over the years. Unlike today’s sophisticated designs, many of the traditional types were metal pipes painted to look like a long narrow cylinder. They were even designed with a small pot where you could pack herbs and a hollow center pipe to inhale through. While many of the traditional designs were difficult to load and required constant repacking, they are portable and almost indestructible.

There are different types of traditional regional one-hitter varieties you can use when smoking cannabis. Here are a few you should know.


This is a Japanese pipe made out of bamboo and pipe with a metal mouthpiece and bowl. While most models were crafted out of bamboo, others are entirely ceramic or even metal. Some models are simple and have little value, while others are a fine work of art, finely crafted and sculptured.


This is a middle eastern pipe that is traditionally used to smoke tobacco mixed with herbs. These one-hitters are produced in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and can be crafted from different materials, including glass, metal, bone, or wood. The ancient midwakh were crafted out of animal bones (goat bones) or molded from clay. Ever since, a lot has changed, but the basic design remains.

Today, there are still hand-carved, but they are more lavishly engraved, mostly with brass inlays and even dyed in different colors.


This is a traditional Moroccan pipe that features a narrow clay bowl with a stem made of wood. The type of wood varies from the better quality walnut and almond to the reed-like wood that grows in the lakes and rivers. The sebsi is usually 40 to 45 centimeters long and is still used by the old and young alike.


Chillum is a straight, conical one-hitter featuring a connected channel end to end. They are mostly designed from clay and have been used since the 18th century. Hindu monks were the first people who used the Chillums, but they are now spread worldwide.

Indian old spiritual baba smokes chilum

Using a One-Hitter the Right Way

Homemade one hitter aside, understand that it’s a lot easier to consume cannabis using a one-hitter, even as a novice user. All you have to do is fill the bowl (narrow chamber) with cannabis, pack it tightly, light up and take a puff. Ensure that you inhale slowly but steadily so that you get the best puff without pulling the ash.

To make sure that you have an enjoyable experience, here are a few things you need to take into account.

Always Use the right consistency

If you want to avoid inhaling ash, you must use the right consistency of weed. It’s advisable not to grind your weed too finely because you risk the marijuana turning to ash when you light your one-hitter. It’s also essential to make sure that your weed is broken up so that its large enough to stay in the pipe rather than turning to ash and mixing with smoke. It should still be small enough so that it comfortably fits into the bowl.

It’s always advisable that you use one small piece. You don’t want a mouth full of ashes when you’re trying to get a little buzz.

Pack Your One-Hitter Vertically

When packing your marijuana, begin by turning your hitter so that your hitter is facing down. Dip it in your marijuana and twist the pipe. Repeat this step two or three times until your one-hitter is well packed. This way, you are assured of a long-lasting hit.

It’s advisable not to pack it too tightly because you may end up restricting the airflow.

Light It the Right Way

You don’t want a case where your hitter gets too hot when you’re smoking. That’s why you should light the entire pipe for a second or two to prevent it from getting hot too fast. It would be best if you also kept the flame far from the one hitter as possible, and the pipe should be pointed to the ground to avoid heating too quickly.

Caring for your One-Hitter

Keeping your one-hitter clean is vital because it will keep your cannabis fresh and smooth each time. Taking long before cleaning your one-hitter leads to resin build-up. If you want to avoid the large build-up resin, it’s best to keep ashing and getting rid of any debris on your one-hitter.

Begin your cleaning by rinsing your one-hitter with hot water, then use the rubbing alcohol to get rid of crannies and nooks and also get clear out any debris. Make sure that you get rid of the rubbing alcohol out of the pipe by rinsing it thoroughly with hot water. You can still wipe dry or air dry after every cleaning session.

If your one-hitter has reached a point where it requires some deep cleaning, here is how you can go about the cleaning.

  • First, put your one-hitter in a small plastic container or plastic baggie, and pour enough isopropyl alcohol so that your one-hitter is completely submerged.
  • Add one to two tablespoons of salt, seal the bag, and shake so that all the ingredients mix.
  • Leave the bag or container aside for about one or two hours.
  • Discard the salted alcohol then rinse your hitter with hot water again.
  • Let your one-hitter dry. However, if you need to use it right away, be sure to use a hairdryer to remove all the excess water.
Hands hold colourful glass one hitter weed pipe

Creative DIY Approach to Making a One-Hitter

If you are a stoner and looking to cut on the costs associated with investing in a one-hitter, there are a lot of household items that would come handy. But, before you embark on your creative journey, it’s important to remember that smoking in this “homemade” way comes at a price. The thin plastics and metals release highly dangerous chemicals when they burn off.

This is why it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the health concerns of the chemicals you’re inhaling. If it’s not necessary to opt for this method, you should consider avoiding it. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, it’s time for some stoner science lessons on making a killer homemade one-hitter.

The Apple Pipe (Johnny Appleweed)

This homemade one-hitter is a personal favorite for many because of its smooth experience. It is also important to note that apples exposed to moisture and air for a long time tend to build mold and bacteria. Therefore, you should never smoke out of this one-hitter for more than a few days before making a new one.

Here are the steps to take to make this pipe

  • Start by making a bowl in your apple – All you’ve to do is take your pen and make two holes –on in the direct top of the apple. Make sure that you twist the stem off then poke a hole as straight down as you can. Do this as if you are trying to poke a hole through the extract center.

The top part will be your bowl pack because it’s already the great shape. Ensure that you don’t stick all the way through the bottom of the apple since you’ll end up ruining the vacuum and potentially split the apple in the middle.

  • Take your pen and make a hole on the side that intersects this first hole. It would help if you did this towards the middle of the apple mass because it makes it easier to smoke

Enjoy Your Flower with A Smooth Hit from The One-Hitter!

Every marijuana enthusiast loves a bit of variety, don’t you agree. These days’ people prefer to have their joint on the go, and while vape pens may be an option, the one-hitter is another good alternative.

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