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Benefits of working out high | Should you even do it?

If you are new to cannabis, it’s essential to understand that how marijuana affects your performance will largely depend on the type of workout and your fitness goal. Whether you are a gym rat, yoga enthusiast, or a morning jogger, experts believe that working out high helps you exercise more effectively, regularly, and joyfully.

Like other substances such as caffeine, nicotine, or alcohol, consuming too much marijuana can negatively affect your fitness goal. Also, every individual response to cannabis varies, which is why you need to know how the drug affects your body before trying any workout.

Some people consider marijuana and working out an odd combination. But, can cannabis negatively impact your workout, or it could help you out on your fitness journey? This guide will explore clinical studies around marijuana and exercises, the critical considerations of taking cannabis before a workout, and the importance of working out when high.

A recent study that involved daily marijuana users who smoke at least a joint a day showed that exercises increased their plasma THC concentration. The participants in this study also had their body fat and body mass index (BMI) tested. The participants then submitted their blood test thirty minutes before a moderate workout and at the end of the workout. Before submitting the test, the subjects had abstained from marijuana for 24 hours.

The research showed that the levels of THC were 15% higher on average following a workout session. The amount of THC, however, depended on the subject’s body fat level. It was also noted that the amount of THC increased with higher BMI. So, if you are an athlete with a higher BMI and you’ve exercised recently, there are high chances that high levels of THC may show in your bloodstream in a field sobriety test long after your last joint.

This phenomenon has caused many problems for some prominent athletes who’ve ended up scoring positive results on THC drug test without having touched the drug in months. It is still important to understand that there is little scientific research on how cannabis affects the human body after a workout. Even so, some athletes have reported using cannabis as a substitute for sleeping aids and alternative to conventional painkillers. 

There are even some that use weed to train harder and recover faster. Remember, cannabis can cause adverse effects to some individuals when used before exercising, and this is why it’s crucial not to forget this fact along with the pros.

How to Safely Combine Weed with Workouts

If you don’t want to be intoxicated but still want the anti-inflammatory benefits of cannabis, it’s best to opt for the non-psychoactive CBD tinctures at a dose of 15 to 30mg. This will help to manage any inflammation. If you are looking for targeted relief from soreness or pain, the options that may work for you include a transdermal patch, topical balm, or bath soak. For optimum, you should consider those that contain both THC and CBD.

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Cannabis is very effective at relieving pain resulting from injuries during workouts, but as long as you have not fully recovered, never try to push through workouts when you are hurt. On the same note, if you live in a state where cannabis is legal and looking to try with potent marijuana, always think about starting with very low doses. Medical experts warn against consuming cannabis with THC on your workouts if you’ve got heart disease.

While fatalities are rare, there have been numerous reports of individuals who’ve experienced cardiac events after smoking marijuana. Another vital consideration is that not all cannabis products are created the same. What may work for some people may not necessarily work for you. Some topical balms may help with your soreness after a two-mile run, but others will do very little.

To avoid such an experience advisable to shop at a reputable online retailer or marijuana dispensaries that conduct independent tests of their products. Once this is out of the way, you need to understand how to regulate marijuana usage before going for workouts.

Getting High Before Workouts: Important Checkpoints to Consider

The cannabis culture is becoming widely accepted in modern society, and this is why more people are starting to consider it as an alternative to supplements to pre-workouts. Take note that the use of weed in workouts has gone beyond the “lazy stoner” stereotype over the years. So, if you are thinking of incorporating cannabis in your fitness journey, here are a few important considerations to keep in mind.

Minimize your Usual intake

If you plan to use weed before working out, the amount you think of using should be small than your usual consumption. When smoking or vaping, ensure that you should stick to between one and four puffs. This should be enough to give you a long-lasting, but very mild high. Taking more than this will crash you into a mess of fatigue when trying to workout. That said, know the dosage that can get you to your sweet spot and stick to it.

Find the Right Strain

When it comes to getting the most from cannabis during workouts, purchasing any type of weed isn’t enough. It’s like heading to a pharmacy and asking the attendant to give whatever they’ve got at the back of the shelf. It would help if you thought about the different areas of your workout that need improvement, and this is where the cannabis strain comes in.

Cannabis is categorized as either Sativa or Indicia. The Indica strains produce a more calming effect (mentally therapeutic), while the Sativa produces the stimulating effects (hyper-accelerated) associated with weed. So, if you are the guy that sometimes misses motivation when you hit the gym, Sativa strains can give you that extra boost.

There even gym coaches that have used Sativa to get athletes off pharmaceutical stimulants. When winding down at the end of the evening, Indica will help you get that much-needed sleep, which is crucial for muscle recovery and a fresh start for tomorrow’s session. Aside from helping out in drug dependency, here are a few more reasons why it can be useful in your fitness journey.

Benefits of Working out High

By incorporating marijuana in your workout, there are plenty of benefits you stand to gain. Here are a few you should know.

Helps You Tolerate Discomfort

By incorporating cannabis in your workout, you can easily bust out more reps or even go the extra mile on the treadmill. Understand that it can be challenging finishing the last few reps, but if you push yourself in your workout, you stand to realize the gains you’ve been waiting for. This applies to anything fitness related, such as endurance or building muscles.

The human body is linked with cannabinoid receptors (the endocannabinoid system), and this affects how the receptors respond to pain, which ultimately changes how you perceive it.

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Eases Pain and Soreness

Accidents happen, whether it’s at the field as an athlete or during your training sessions. When it happens, recovery is usually occasioned with pain. Studies have shown that treating pain related to injuries is effective than using opiates since they are less addictive.

Treating Muscle Spasms

Cannabis is known for its medical application in treating muscle spasms. It has been medically proven to treat muscle spasms associated with Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis, and the benefits still extend to the athletes suffering from spasms.

Boosts Your Enjoyment

The types of exercises people enjoy varies depending on an individual. Some people enjoy muscle building exercises while others prefer the endurance challenge, such as running a marathon. Running four miles or hitting the gym every day can sometimes get tough even for the sporting enthusiasts. But, if you want to have fun with any of your daily activities, cannabis can help.

While weed does not aid performance, it is vital in helping you be mentally prepared. When you are regularly putting your body through exercise, it’s sometimes easier to develop a negative association with working out. The more you perceive your training as tough, the more mental fatigue you feel. There is still a lot of evidence to support the use of marijuana in providing short-term mood boost.

Wrapping Up

As a fitness enthusiast, you need to understand that there are advantages and disadvantages to working out under the influence. So, when taking THC and CBD in whichever form, you have to keep in mind that moderation is key. It would be best if you never assumed that you could take a power strain and not face adverse effects. It is still important to remember that working out high can pose a lot of danger to other fitness types.

For instance, if you are doing complex exercises that require different muscle groups and your utmost attention, it’s not wise to perform them under the influence. In any case, make sure you gradually test the cannabis effect on your training. Always use common sense and experiment until you find what suits you and your style of training the most.

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