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Cannabis As a Natural Method For Sleeping

Everyone wants it, but some people don’t have enough of it. We were all taught in elementary school that sleep is critical to promote a healthy lifestyle, but to some people, going to bed at the right time is a hassle. After turning off the light, they lie awake for hours and battle with different thoughts. If this explains how you feel at night, I guess you know how frustrating it can be.

Often, our internal clocks can fail, or our lifestyle prevents us from following one regularly. But if we manage to find the right alternative solution, having a good sleep becomes pretty easy. Inducing a sleep state with Cannabis is as simple as consuming the right proportion of terpenes and cannabinoids, and doing this with a vape pen can be very helpful since it takes only 10 -15 minutes to fully take effect.

Vapes, for that matter, are our top recommendation; they are relatively easy to inhale, have sweet flavors and easy of use. Another big plus is that won’t lea
Cannabis As a Natural Method For Sleeping
ve your room oozing like charred plant matter.

To get the best, we have taken out time to research and explain the process involved to let you know why vaping Cannabis should be a nighttime ritual, especially for those with insomnia or other issues, for which cannabis is a known to be a good relief. If you are still turning and tossing around after vaping, then you can consider edibles to stay asleep. The good news is, there are tons of Cannabis products out there that serves as a better alternative to Orthodox sedative. Here are some tell-tale reasons why you should vape Cannabis (or use otherwise) to get the best experience.

It’s pretty easy to know why people are replacing pharmaceutical Medication with Cannabis products. With the increasing rumors of adverse side effects that result from the use of different Orthodox prescriptions -people now seek alternative ways to get better sleep, and they prefer products that can be consumed easily with little or no side effects. Minor sides effect could be a change in appetite, dry mouth, or fatigue. However, they are often light and for most favorable compared to those most orthodox medications.

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The Benefits of Vaping CBD for Sleep

If you want a stoned or high feeling when vaping CBD, It’s important to know it is not psychoactive like Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Marijuana and Hemp are both derived from cannabis plants but contain different cannabinoid content.  CBD’s primary purpose is not to alter your state of judgment or consciousness; It is an aid to relaxation and decompression at the end of a stressful day. Here are some reasons why it’s recommended from people having issues with sleep:

  • Most times, the vapor is odorless or has a desired scent. You can vape at home, workplace, or public.
  • Vaping gets into the bloodstream easily and influences the brain very quickly, compared to other methods of ingesting Cannabis.
  • Vaping is an alternative way to curb nicotine addiction. It serves as a better alternative to conventional smoking.
  • Vaping CBD has no required prescription. Although, it's possible to get a prescribed CBD if you seek the attention of a doctor.

Note that although CBD oil is often extracted from hemp and has a negligible quantity of THC, you can also find marijuana-based CBD oil with higher THC levels. Some CBD users claim that oil containing an even dose of CBD and THC creates a wholesome effect. If you desire that additional THC effect, you should also consider the legal aspect of it in your region.    

How Can Cannabis Affect My Sleep Cycle?

When you’re asleep, the brain undergoes two phases; these are, the Rapid Eye Movement phase (REM) and the deep sleep phase. Cannabis subjects the brain to use both the Rapid Eye Movement phase and the prolonged phase to enhance sleep and reduce dreams.  That also makes it a perfect remedy for those suffering from Dream Anxiety Disorder.

Benefits Of Using Cannabis Products for Insomnia

Cannabis offers a natural alternative to fall asleep; For many people, it’s a sure match to both anxiety and depression. Besides, there are tons of health benefits associated with this natural remedy; If you suffer from any of those symptoms listed below, you might find that this alternative method stands out from Orthodox sedatives and will contribute even more to your sleep:

  • Treating chronic pain: Cannabis is very effective against muscle spasms and is known to reduce pain.
  • Epilepsy control: Cannabis contains a non-psychotropic component that remedies seizures in both adolescents and children.
  • It serves as a treatment for Multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's: vaping cannabis helps to reduce behavioral disorders.
  • It helps eliminate post-traumatic stress: anxiety, fear, and nightmares.
  • Relieve chemotherapy pain: component from CBD can slow down the development of breast cancer. It's a treatment for nausea and loss of appetite in patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment.
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Should I Vape Right Before Sleep?

The question is, when is the right time to vape to enhance sleep? The most obvious and ideal answer would be to vape before bedtime, although Research suggests vaping during the day to improve sleep patterns effectively. This is because cannabinoids can affect the endocannabinoid system, which has a close link to other vital functions and the sleep regulation cycles. Therefore, since Nothing beats first-hand experience, we would recommend you to go through a short try and error period to find your ideal vaping times.

A Check List for Buying Cannabis products for sleep

No doubt, there are tons of products out there; however, it’s a bit difficult to get the best value for your investment, and most times, it’s confusing to know the right product and dosage that won’t knock you off. It is important to take out time and research and get products from trusted and reputable sources. How do you find CBD from a reputable supplier? You can get through this by asking the following questions:

1. Is the Product form an Organic Source?

The quality of CBD oil is determined by the quality of Hemp it contains. If the soil has impurities, these impurities will gradually accumulate on the plant’s stems, and leaves grow to maturity. Most industrial Hemp is a bio-accumulator; this means they can absorb toxic elements from the soil and air. These elements are further accumulated into the tissue of the plant and transferred into the hemp oil.

In addition to this, many farmers use toxic pesticides or herbicides to improve their crop yield, and all of these chemicals are disruptive to health.

2. What are the Extraction Methods used by the Manufacturer?

Hemp plants once harvested undergoes processing, and these involve the removal of phytochemicals and cannabinoids. There are a couple of ways to get through this, but the best way is via CO2 extraction.

The conventional extraction method involves using cold water or with solvents like butane, methanol propane, and hexane. The bad news is, all of these processes are toxic. Once the extraction process is carried out completely, the solvent is then removed, but this is not always100% efficient; therefore, some reasonable amount of these chemicals are contained in the final product. This is possible when you get products from companies that don’t opt with advanced methods.

3. Are they Third-Party verified products?

Any brand can produce CBD products and claim to have the product sample test for terpene profiles or cannabinoid profiles. Remember, this test can be faked easily, so the best standard is to get an approved test from a certified laboratory that shares no link with the company. This is known as a third-party lab test.

With a token, most third-party labs are willing to test a sample and provide transparent analysis to prove that it contains the ingredients the company claims. You should check the following information before making a purchase:

4. Does it contain Herbs & Ingredients?

Other products mixed with CBD oil to enhance its effects. Some of these common additives that support sleep include:

  • L-theanine
  • Melatonin
  • Magnolia
  • Magnesium
  • Hops
  • Ashwagandha
  • Passionflower

CBD and melatonin are the most popular combination that enhances sleep.  Melatonin is a hormone produced in the brain; it controls and regulates the wake-sleep cycle.  In other words, melatonin alerts the body when its bedtime.


Today, frequent sleep deprivation is considered a major plague, and unfortunately, it is constantly increasing in most adults. Insomnia, if neglected, can lead to lots of neurological conditions and health disorders. On the other hand, we are blessed to have natural products that can remedy these abnormalities with little to none side effects.

The cannabinoid found in most cannabis products in different quantities is a natural sedative and can be a viable alternative to orthodox medications. It strikes a balance in the endocannabinoid system, which plays a major role in the recovery and sleep process.

We’ve gone a long way, and I believe this guide has cleared up all forms of doubts and confusion you have regarding how cannabis products can enhance sleep, and some of the essential factors to consider when buying your next product.

If you are still in the valley of deciding which brands have the right quality, check out Bloomgroove. They offer you the best bang for your bucks.

Have you tried using vaping or CBD oil for sleep? What are some of the differences you notice? Feel free to share your experience in the comment box below!

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