Vape or vaporizer pens with refillable cartridges that can be filled with THC oil, cannabis oil, hash oil, CBD oil, or vape juice.

Pros and Cons of Cannabis Vaping

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This piece is for fellows out there that are lost in the valley of deciding whether to stick to conventional flowers or go for a vape pen. This sounds similar to either sticking to the past or embracing the feature? Which do you prefer? The traditional style or the contemporary style? Well, I’ve got good news for you, get both!

Vape pens are a perfect addition to those who want to add something unique to their collection. With the variety of brands and cartridges out there, I bet you agree with me that there has never been a perfect time to try this technology than today.

There are indeed lots of opinions out there, and you probably have read through articles that share benefits of electronic cigarettes for example, and the next moment you see a different news report. In this article, we will look at the pros and cons of cannabis vaping, vaping pens, and why you should think of having one.

Pros and Cons of Cannabis Vaping

A vape pen is an electronic device designed to heat Cannabis e-liquid. The pen comes with a rechargeable battery that powers a heating element which can take the form of a plate or a coil. Once they heat up, the Cannabis oil heats up too and turns to vapor.

The Cannabis e-liquid (Cannabis concentrate) is pre-filled in a small attachment called the vape cartridge or carts. Good to know that most Cannabis e-liquid contains zero nicotine, unlike most e-liquids.

Today, vape cartridges are rated as “Top Demands” in cannabis industries. They are gradually becoming one of the most used products among consumers. The question is, why? Let’s look at some of the features that make the product attractive and why it’s gradually taking over.

vape woman smoke vaporizer

Pros of Cannabis Vaping

There are lots of benefits associated with vaping Cannabis, below are brief on upsides worth considering.

Cannabis Bioavailability

Pros and Cons of Cannabis VapingThis is the right proportion of Cannabis that gets into the body circulatory system. Once Cannabis enters the bloodstream, it influences the body’s endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for balancing and regulating lots of processes in the body. That includes cell communication, immune response, metabolism, and memory. Although there are a couple of ways to ingest Cannabis methods like Edibles, Cannabis drops, Cannabis balms, and many more, some method has been proven to be more effective. For instance, You used 25mg of Cannabis edible; it goes through the digestive system and gets metabolized by the liver, and finally gets to the bloodstream. This takes time, and in the end, only an approximate of 5mg – 7mg gets into the blood due to the liver’s action at the cause of digestion. Cannabis bioavailability is therefore low when ingested orally, most times as low as 8 -25%. Vaping, on the other hand, gives around 60 – 80% bioavailability. When you breathe in Cannabis vapor, the active substances would get immediately into the blood through pulmonary absorption. That’s why vaping is one of the most effective ways to get the best out of Cannabis oil. A touch from a quality vape pen can make you the “most high” within a couple of seconds.

Vaping Over Smoking

I know there are lots of contradictive researchers out there regarding vaping and smoking, and which is healthier. Here are some brief facts: Vapor is easy to inhale for beginners, and smells better than flowers and tobacco. Tobacco cigarettes contain over 7000 chemicals, and most of the chemicals are proved to be toxic.

Temperature Control

Cannabis oil contains cannabinoids and terpenes, which produce a synergistic effect. These two compounds are activated at different levels of temperature. Terpene a- Pinene is activated at  311°F, while elements like cannabinoids may require a higher temperature of about 410°F. One of the remarkable features of vaping pens is that they come with temperature regulation. That gives a unique experience and allows you to try various substances with different temperatures. After finding the perfect heat, you can repeat the experience with full accuracy every time.   


Vape pens are supreme when it comes to their ease of use. They are thin, fast, elegant, and lightweight. Most of them can fit into purses, pockets, and backpacks, and they save the stress of using a lighter. All you need is to slip out your pen and press the button.


Vaping leaves a trail of vapor which often dissipate after use. You can vape in public without offensive odor, unlike smoking flowers. Most cannabis concentrates are flavored, and they leave no trace of marijuana smell.

THC/CBD Concentrated Oil In Cartridge Closeup With Marijuana buds


Concentrates are proven to last longer and still maintain more potency than flowers. This time, you have no worries of bud loss that results from crumbling or carbonization when smoking flowers. Vape pens allow you to vaporize the right amount of puff while the remaining stay safe within the cartridge.


For those in love with varieties, vape cartridges offer you different choices. Cartridges come in various collections, and they are usually color-coded to help you identify if the e-liquid is a Sativa, Indica, or hybrid.


Similar to most smoking apparatus like dab rigs bongs and pipes, there is usually an initial cost. The good news is that there are great vape pens that are sold for less than $50, and most rechargeable batteries can be purchased for $10 -$20. Fortunately, about 90% of vape pens use the same cartridge, which is also called 510 thread and can be found for as little as $20.

Cannabis Vaping - Summary Of Pros:

  • Effects quickly
  • Easier to inhale than smoke
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Discretion
  • Convenience
  • Longevity
  • Variety
  • Cost
man vapes in a forest

Cons of Cannabis Vaping

Although there are many pros associated with the use of vape pens, some downsides are worth considering. Let’s take a brief look.

Faulty electronics

Once you have a lighter that makes fire and a bud that is not wet, you are good to go with the bowl. Flowers won’t malfunction. Although these electronics become faulty on rare occasions, It can still happen. When encountering any fault, try first to change the batteries or cartridge before seeking further support.  

Low vapor production

This is most times associated with the state of the cartridge. If you observe that the hit you get is not as expected, you can try a quick fix by setting the thread side down on a flat surface or a table. Once you have the right concentrate clouding at the bottom, you’re good to go!

Learning Curve

For most beginners, the pen has some learning curve, and for some, it can be a bit confusing. Spotting out the right temperature, rechargeable batteries, cartridges, is a bit puzzling but can be overcome with a short time.

Beware Of Knockoffs

Buying from a reputable Cannabis brand is a safe and secure practice. Most times, they provide you with a third lab report that itemizes all the elements contained in the Cannabis e-liquid. Reading through this report will educate you on the ingredient and the right dose to ingest.

Cannabis Vaping - Summary Of Cons:

  • More components to rely on
  • Has some learning curve
  • Risk of Knockoffs

Things To Consider When Buying a Vaping Pen

Giving close attention to the following features will help you get the best when you’re out to get a vaping pen.

Ease Of Use

Go for vaping devices that are easy and simple. Most refillable devices will need a bit of understanding of how to maintain and refill them, however, they are more efficient and economical in the long run. 

Size/battery Life

Battery size and battery life is yet another factor to look out for. One of the essential features of a vaping pen is the durability of the battery. Some Vaping pens are discrete and easy to carry around, but calls for regular batter recharge.


Most pre-filled cartilage comes in different flavors, and there are tons of flavor out there. They are influenced by personal preferences, and this varies between individuals—for instance, the Vanilla flavor serves as a perfect alternative to tobacco flavors.


Appearance and style is yet another factor to look out for before making a purchase. Vaping pens come in different designs; some are complex, while others are designed like a tobacco cigarette.


Vaping is an effective way to consume cannabis enjoyably. Vapes are easy to use, discreet, convenient, and great for non-smokers to begin with. If you desire instant impact without complications, vaping can often be the way to get around.

In summary, a vape pen is a must-have for Connoisseur. You can either choose to use it as a trusted back-up or as your primary smoking device. Aside from the worthwhile initial investment, the device offers you the chance to enjoy THC discreetly and easily with a variety of cartridges that differ in strain, potency, and flavor, offering you the privilege to make choices base on your personal preferences at any given time. 

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